About us

Ski Chic-Chocs is an adventure tourism company based in the Haute-Gaspesie. We are located at the feet of the spectacular and remote Chic-Chocs range. This unique destination on the East Coast is an exceptional environment for backcountry skiing, split-boarding and snowshoeing

We offer guided backcountry activities and trainings on a professional and ethical environmental basis, both on public and exclusive sectors of the Chic-Chocs Wilderness Reserve and the Gaspesie national Park.

Our work and pleasure areas for guided backcountry activities is principally the Madeleine Mines and Mont Ernest-Laforce, they are semi-exclusive areas for such activities. We also offer backcountry guided activities in the area surrounding Route 299 both in and outside the confines of the Park and Reserve.

We also offer trainings and courses in avalanche safety and wilderness first aid.

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