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Being a specialist in the fields of mountain rescue, dangerous terrain progression and avalanche training, Ski Chic-Chocs offers a full program of courses for an audience ranging from entry level backcountry skier to trained skilled rescue professionals.
Our trainings are divided into two categories, continues trainings and certification courses.

Our avalanche safety courses are accredited by Avalanche Canada.

Here is a list of the topics covered by our continues trainings. Feel free to contact us for more information:

  • alpine progression & couloirs
  • steep clinic
  • group leadership in a mountain activity
  • introduction to backcountry and progression techniques
  • expedition planning and organization
  • anchors & rope safety
  • crampons & ice axe techniques
  • search & rescue
  • winter camping and outdoor cooking (meal planning & preparation)

Note: All our instructors are used to teach in both french and english, please check-in with us if you would like to attend a course that is planned to be taught in french to see how we can accommodate you.